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Infused Science – The e-book

The complete guide about how to speak science with journalists, investors and the general public.

The Infused Science e-book will guide you, step by step, in the development and implementation of your science communication strategy.

What will you find in this e-book?

  • Practical advice on how to use science communication in your press relations and investors relations.
  • Guidance about how to prepare your communication when things do not go as planned.
  • Tips to make the most of your scientific environment to communicate about clinical trials.
  • Some case studies as food for thought and inspiration.
  • Tools and resources to widely disseminate your science, create value around your organization, and position yourself as a key player in your field of research.

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Use the science of communication to communicate about science!

Whether it’s press relations, financial communications, crisis management or online presence, the Infused Science e-book is a reference book for effectively communicating your science to as many people as possible!

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About the author

Marine Lhomel

Marine Lhomel specializes in corporate communications. She started her career in the biomedical sector and has been working for years with researchers, entrepreneurs and institutional actors involved in the development of innovative technologies and therapies in Europe and the United States.