Digital communication strategy consulting

| Biotech, MedTech & Pharma companies

Helping Biotech, MedTech and Pharma companies to communicate to non-scientific audiences is my specialty. My approach consists of 3 key steps: analysis, communication strategy and action plan.


The essential step to ensure the relevance and consistency of your communication strategy.

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The reference note to set your communication objectives and adapt your key messages to your targets.

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Communication plan

The complete instructions for mapping, planning, budgeting and evaluating your communication actions.

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Science communication and personal branding

| Researchers (Ph.D), Engineers and Scientist Entrepreneurs (Healthcare area)

We help researchers (PhDs), engineers and scientist entrepreneurs active in healthcare better communicate their vision, ideas and work to non-specialized audiences.

Training in Science Communication applied to Healthcare

| Researchers (Ph.D.), Engineers, Scientists Entrepreneurs (Healthcare area) and members of the medical community.

We help scientific and medical project leaders adapt their communication to the various stakeholders involved and/or impacted: citizens, patients, doctors, scientists, media, political and institutional representatives and investors.