What is strategy?

The strategic recommendation is a reference document that outlines the main directions you will give to your communication. It allows you to define precise objectives, guaranteeing the coherence and interest of the actions to be deployed thereafter. It also invites you to get to know your audience better and to adapt your messages according to their level of understanding.

Deliverable & Budget

The strategic recommendation is based on the analysis that will have been made beforehand and involves a series of interviews and discussions aimed to:

  • Formulate your main communication pain points;
  • Translate your business objectives into strategic communication objectives;
  • Identify, segment, prioritize and profile your audiences;
  • Work on the content and form of the language elements to be integrated into your key messages.
  • Lay a solid foundation for the action plan you will build afterwards.
Let's discuss your needs

Added value

Know what direction to take to reach your objectives and understand your audience to better reach them.

Your need

You have a strategy and would like an outside opinion to validate your approach.


You are looking for support to guide the development of your communication strategy.


You are looking for a service provider to develop your communication strategy from A to Z.