What is the strategic analysis?

The strategic analysis allows us to capture all the communication issues of your company, to evaluate your positioning, to identify your real communication problems, to discover certain opportunities and to anticipate the threats that may have an impact on your project.

Deliverable & Budget

The strategic analysis covers a wide range of services from which you can choose depending on the scope of your communication project (global or thematic):

  • An information monitoring;
  • A PESTLE analysis;
  • A communication audit (tools, methods, processes, etc.);
  • A SWOT analysis;
  • A competitive benchmark;
  • A communication diagnosis.
Let's discuss your needs

Added value

Know and understand your true positioning within your market and audience ecosystem.

Your need

You have already conducted an analysis and you want an external opinion to validate your approach.


You have not yet conducted an analysis and you need support to do so.


You don’t know where to start and are looking for someone to take care of it from A to Z.