What is the communication plan?

The communication plan is a comprehensive guide that lists all the communication initiatives to be implemented over time in order to reach the right people, in the right touchpoints and at the right times to achieve your strategic objectives.

Deliverable & Budget

Writing a good communication plan is usually done after establishing a clear strategy. This document includes the following elements:

  • The types of content to develop: blog article, white paper, case study, press release, newsletter, video, infographic, checklists, FAQs, presentation, e-brochure, etc. ;
  • Touchpoints to exploit: websites, newsletters, social networks, media, advertising networks, events;
  • The different languages if applicable;
  • A global planning ;
  • A budget showing all costs associated (actual and/or projected) with each action;
  • A KPIs dashboard to evaluate the impact of each action.
Let's discuss your needs

Added value

Have a practical manual, ready-to-use and optimized content and templates, automated tools and processes for professional and efficient delivery of your communications.

Your need

You already have a plan and are looking for someone to optimize and implement it.


You have ideas and need help to structure and develop them.


You don’t know where to start and are looking for a service provider to develop and implement your communication plan from A to Z.